Shipping is FREE on all orders unless otherwise indicated. We do charge shipping on some mint product coins where size requires special packing that is charged at high rates when shipped in Canada.

Orders  under $300 are shipped regular mail AT YOUR RISK!  Orders over $300 are shipped Registered Mail or by courier and both systems required your signature for proof of receipt. If your order is under $300 and you want Registered Mail shipping for your protection please add $15 to your invoice and remind us you want Registered Mail shipping.

Orders shipped outside Canada and the United States, whether by Registered Mail or not, are shipped at your risk and payment is your responsibility whether it arrives in good order or not. Many countries do not have reliable postal systems so we regrettably have to adopt this policy. Losses are truly rare but they do occur occasionally.

You may Contact Us for special arrangements for high value shipments.


If you are not an experienced shipper of notes and coins please remember these hints that will protect your package from damage or theft:

Use extra packing material to be sure notes and coins are not loose so they can move during shipping. Notes should have cardboard on each side and use tape or elastics to hold the cardboard on either side of the notes. Newspaper or bubble wrap are excellent for filling up excess space so shifting coins do not damage each other.

When addressing the package just use “Don Olmstead” plus the address. Never use “Olmstead Currency” as that may attract postal thieves or extra attention from Customs for international shipment. Where customs declarations are needed you can use “numismatic samples” or for notes you can use “obsolete fiscal documents”, both are legally correct buy minimize attention.

Tape the outside of the envelope or box carefully and do more than you think is necessary. If coins are enclosed the weight causes more stress on the package.