Olmstead Currency needs to buy considerable quantities of coins and bank notes every week to maintain a large and fresh inventory. Over the years we have earned a reputation as “The Higher Buyer” because we pay more! We do not operate a shop with the overhead cost that requires and we are content to make a fair but modest profit.


Olmstead Currency is always buying bank notes of the entire world. Paper money collecting continues to grow steadily and we have to buy constantly to maintain a good inventory of currency for sale. Whether you have a few extras, a hoard a great collection or a single valuable bank note, we are The Higher Buyer! Equally, we need coins, mint product, scrap gold and silver and all related numismatic material. Olmstead Currency also buys pocket watches and better wrist watches. If you have coins, bank notes, watches, bullion or scrap gold and silver, we are The Higher Buyer!


Selling to Olmstead Currency is easy and takes little time. We pay in the currency of your choice and the manner of your choice – money order normally but we can pay by PayPal, bank transfer, cheque etc. – you choose. Olmstead Currency pays all the shipping and we can arrange FEDEX shipping on our account for simple, quick and cost-free shipping.

Olmstead Currency is interested in accumulations, hoards, surplus material, great single items or collections from $10 to over $100,000. We have the cash to buy your coins and bank notes and we are strong buyers. We can provide references and we are long term members of the major numismatic associations.

Contact us, you will be pleased with our offer – we are The Higher Buyer!


“As President of both the Royal Canadian Numismatic Society and the Canadian Paper Money Society, I have heard from many collectors of Don’s honesty and integrity” GB

“If you every wish to sell your currency…you can do no better than Don Olmstead” JB

“I am very well satisfied” AR

“Oh Yeah Don is one of the best paper money dealers I have dealt with” AR

“Don is eminently trustworthy.” BB, Director of Yarmouth County Museum, Yarmouth NS